Guidance Lesson Updates

  • Throughout the school year, I will meet with each grade level for lessons over various topics.

    My goal is to help all of our students grow this year- socially, emotionally, and academically. Please check back often to see what we are doing in our guidance lessons! 


    September lessons- 

    Kinder Zones of Regulation 

    Getting to know your school counselor 


    October lessons- 

    Finish Kinder Zones of Regulation

    1st grade Zones of Regulation 

    Getting Future Ready:

    K-2: All about me activity (how our interests and likes can lead to a future career)

    3rd-4th: Career interest survey; looking at career clusters and careers within those clusters

    Books we are reading:

    2nd- "The World is my Playground"

    1st- "Tools at Work"

    Kinder- "What Shoes Will You Wear"