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Lower Valley School Collection at the Portal to Texas History

Lower Valley School & Community - The settlement in the area along Lower Seguin Road, between F.M. 1518 and Haeckerville Road, surrounding the Cibolo Creek was known as the Lower Valley Community.  From the mid 1800's to near the end of the century, the residents of Lower Valley prospered from ranching and farming.  The community was popular as a travel center and was the first stage stop and holdover going east out of San Antonio. It boasted a grocery and dry goods store, cotton gin, saw mill, grist mill, blacksmith shop, livery stable and eventually a hotel.  Until 1877 (when the Cibolo Valley Post Office opened), the Lower Valley Post Office was the only post office between San Antonio and Sequin/New Braunfels. 

The Lower Valley School was built in 1877. In the HISTORY & OPERATION OF LOWER VALLEY SCHOOL & COMMUNITY written by Lutrell Watts in 1956, he reports . .

“Lower Valley School is almost one hundred years old and it is still a thriving small two-teacher ten grade country school. It has a good two-room school building, which has just been remodeled and freshly painted, with as much modern equipment as would be expected in small modern school.  The school has a five room  teacherage with modern facilities furnished free for the teachers and ample playground area.  Grades 1 through 10 are taught here, with 11 and 12 grades going to the near by Schertz-Cibolo High School."
If your family has lived in the area for many years, your grandparents may be able to tell you what it was like to attend the little two room school or they might have pointed it out to you on a visit to the country.  
When the Lower Valley School was closed in 1966 Maxine and Lutrell Watts bought the school and teacherage.  After their death, their heirs gave the little two room school to Northeast Lakeview College. 
The College plans to move Lower Valley School to its new 265 acre campus.  The undertaking will involve transporting the historic building in sections. 
In its new location, the building will be restored and developed as a living history museum. Click here for the latest news on the Lower Valley School Restoration Project.


Schertz Tales, The monthly magazine published by the City of Schertz brings us the latest news of the Lower Valley School Project. 

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Lower Valley School Collection at the Portal to Texas History

The Lower Valley School Restoration Project at Northeast Lakeview College partners with the University of North Texas Libraries’ Portal to Texas History.

 A growing collection of historic photos and memorabilia help tell the story of the people and community of the Lower Valley School.  The care of this collection is an important component of the Project.  Through their partnership with the Portal to Texas History, the project ensures the preservation of the photos and memborabilia and acquires the ability to share the collection  with the public. 

NLC staff and volunteers from the community worked with Lower Valley School Alumni; spending many hours preparing historic material like this (below right) for the digitization process.  The group reviewed the selected photos to record the specifics (who, what, when and where) of each photograph.


If a neighborhood can have a mood, then February 21, 2008 was an unexpectedly sad day for Cibolo's Lower Valley.  The air was a little heavy and the sky gray on that morning, when the Lower Valley School, was parted from the setting near Cibolo Creek, where it served the Lower Valley Community from 1877 until 1966.

To the outsider, there is no longer any sign of the Post Office that was the only one between San Antonio and Seguin/New Braunfels until 1877.  Lower Valley was once a popular travel center, but gone into ruin is the stage stop & holdover, hotel, general store, cotton gin, saw mill, grist mill, blacksmith shop, and livery stable.  From the mid 1800's until the turn of the century, Lower Valley was a thriving center of commerce.  For many years Lower Valley School has stood as the last solid reminder of the town's existence and it's sad for the locals and old timers to see it gone.

Bittersweet as it is, it's also a day of celebration.  The relocation of the little two room school house guarantees its permanent preservation.  Lower Valley School can be seen at its new site (from Kittyhawk Road), near what will be the entrance to the developing campus of Northeast Lakeview College (1604 & Kittyhawk Road, Live Oak/Universal City).  Moving the school is the first significant step in the school's progress towards restoration as a living history museum of early Texas education.  

As a living history museum on the Northeast Lakeview College campus, Lower Valley School will become a field trip destination where students will be able to spend a day in a school much like those attended by their grandparents and great grandparents in the 1800's. Students will dress in period clothing and carry their lunch in pails.  The classroom will be equipped, with chalkboards, slates and reading primers.

 Community support will advance this project that will benefit the entire metro area.  Local businesses and individuals are showing support for the project but much more help will be needed to turn the old school house into the living history museum envisioned by supporters. The Lower Valley School Project needs monetary donations as well as contributions of time and talent from artisans and craftsmen and vintage materials or material that is appropriate for the time during which Lower Valley School was filled with students.

Dodson House Moving dismantled the building into two sections, transported it and set it up on the new site.  The undertaking required great care and special attention in order to prevent damage to the old building and deliver it to its new
home soundly.  

Historic materials that were stored in the old school house have been cataloged and packed for safekeeping until the restoration is complete and the museum is ready to make use of it. The Gerloff Company provided transport and is storing this material in their archival quality facility at no cost to the project. 


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