Show Choir

  • Due to the pandemic, the show choir has been put on hold for the year.


    Welcome to Paschal Elementary's Show Choir page.  


    All fourth graders who abide by the six pillars of character (trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, citizenship, caring, and fairness) are invited to join the choir. 

    Rehearsals are mornings, 7:45-8:05am:

    Boys rehearse on Tuesdays;

    Girls rehearse on Wednesdays;

    All rehearse on Thursdays.

    Students have the opportunity to sing several times throughout the year including Fall, Winter, and Spring performances. Here is this year's schedule:


    Sept 5 - 1st rehearsal

    Sept 11, 8:15am - sing for the flag raising ceremony at Paschal El

    Oct 21, 6pm - performance in the cafeteria

    Dec 12, 9am-2pm - caroling at local businesses

    Feb 24, 5:45pm - performance in the cafeteria

    Apr 4 (evening) - sing at the Rampage hockey game

    Apr 28, 6pm - performance in the cafeteria

    May 14, 8:30am - final performance for the student body in the cafeteria




    Attendance at the rehearsals and performances is expected.  Students are expected to reflect a positive and enthusiastic attitude. To be the best we can, we will abide by the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, citizenship, caring, and fairness. A student who chooses not to abide by these pillars will be told to resign from the choir. 

    This year’s performance dress is blue jeans/pants/skirts Paschal’s black shirt (black t-shirt with a blue P; the back reads ‘dream big  - work hard’) available for purchase through the PTC). 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I have to purchase a black Paschal shirt? It would be best if every student in the ensemble is dressed alike during performances; a uniform appearance helps to create a sense of group identity and belonging, having a positive effect on individual and collective confidence.


    • My child rides the bus to school; will he/she arrive in time for choir rehearsal? Yes, the buses arrive in time for rehearsal.


    • Can my child be a member of more than one musical group, like show choir and ukulele club? Yes your child can.


    • Are parents allowed to go on the caroling field trip in December? Since seating is extremely limited on the bus, parents are welcome to take their own means of transportation to each of the caroling locations.


    • Is it required that my child attend the Rampage hockey game? No, it is not required.


    • For the Rampage game, if I already have tickets do I still need to purchase them through the school? No; you can use your own tickets if you have them already.