Social Studies


    SCUC Social Studies 


    Duties of the SCUC Social Studies Coordinator 

    • Coordinate the review, development and revision of all Social Studies programs and related curriculum documents and materials, including TEKS Resource System, Pacing Calendars, Unit Maps and Lessons
    • Work cooperatively with district staff and campus principals in developing and supervising instructional programs
    • Meet regularly with campus administrators, department chairs, and teachers to facilitate intra-district communication and collaboration among Professional Learning Communities (PLC's)
    • Plan, improve and oversee testing programs for Social Studies
    • Plan and provide staff development for teachers, administrators and staff
    • Demonstrate effective teaching strategies
    • Assist in communicating information to parent and community members about school programs


    2018-2019 Special Program(s):

    • Schertz Historical Preservation Committee, City of Schertz, and SCUCISD Annual Art and Essay Contest (K-6 Program)
      • Click here for more information about this contest
      • Click here for more information about this contest in Spanish

Dr. Cassandra "Cassie" Allen
District Social Studies Coordinator

Marion Dolford Professional Learning Center
200 W. Schlather St.
Cibolo, TX 78108
P 210-945-6002