Wish List and Class Needs


    New or Used Mini Lego pieces for mini can centers

    Empty Altoid cans

    Baby Wipes for cleaning hands

    Spray Lysol (any scent does not have to be Lysol brand -- WalMart brand is fabulous)

    Large Brown Grocery Sacks if you shop at the commissary

    Small Cheap Paper Plates (6 inch)

    Small Snack Size Zip Lock Bags

    Cotton Balls

    Kirkland Scrubbing Household Surface Wipes (3 pack at Costco)

    or Any Brand Lysol Wipes (Lysol Scrubby ones really work well :))

    (I use them to scrub the tables every afternoon)

    I always need help stapling and folding books. If you would like to help staple or fold books at home, please let me know.

    Thank You So Much For All Your Help