Rules and Expectations

  • England Classroom Rules

    (Rules are in rhyme to help the children remember them.)

    1. Keep your hands to yourselves not on people, walls, or shelves.

    2. Be a good listener that you must do. Then we’ll be good

    listeners when we listen to you.

    3. When you have something to say, raise your hand all of the


    4. When you have a problem, please don’t pout. Let’s stop and

    work it out.

    Our rules display also encourages these other good behaviors:

    *Think before acting

    *Use kind words

    *Be quick to forgive


    *Encourage others

    We also use the Magic 5 rule to help teach the students how to be

    good listeners. These are the expectations:

    1. Eyes watching

    2. Ears listening

    3. Sitting Kindergarten Style (legs criss-crossed)

    4. Hands in Lap

    5. Lips Locked

    Belonging to a school is belonging to a community.