Grading Policy

  • Kindergarten Report Card Grading Scale
    (for Social Skills) 

    S               Satisfactory
    I               Improving
    N               Needs Improvement

    U               Unsatisfactory

    Report Card Progress Indicator Marks For All Other Areas
          Note: These are the marks that will be used on the report cards for all content areas.
    Skill Mastered
    Student has mastered the skill.
    Still Developing (S or N)
    Student is still developing the skill.




    Modified work/Not on Grade Level

    Student requires an accomodation or slight change in work to be sucessful
    (individual instruction, more time to complete work, guided instruction, etc.)

    Student needs modified work to be successful (more time, fewer questions, different level of material, etc.)
    If the box is empty, the skill has not been introduced or assessed yet.