Speech Homework

  • If your child is in K-4th grade, they will be given a speech folder on their first day of Speech class. It will indicate the day(s) and times your child will be coming to Speech. This may change periodically as I have to adjust my schedule, however you will see the changes on this page if this occurs.

    Please help your child to remember to bring his/her Speech folder on their designated days. Sometimes a worksheet or game that we have worked on will be placed in the folder.  Please review the worksheet and or play the game for homework practice and return it signed.  The students work for points and or stickers to get a prize.  Extra points/stickers are given when they practice the worksheets at home and return them SIGNED.

    In addition to helping your child with their Speech homework,  you can also help by reminding them to use their targeted sounds or words correctly as they read aloud, practice their spelling words, read aloud a paragraph they have written or relate a daily event to you.  This will help in establishing carryover into other areas.  Thank you so much for your help.