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    Texas Education Agency Adoption Cycle (updated April 2020) 

    Proclamation 2021 - Adoption Information

    The SBOE issued Proclamation 2021 at its June 2019 meeting to call for English and Spanish PreKindergarten Systems. The SBOE adoption of materials under Proclamation 2021 is scheduled to occur in November 2020. The adopted materials are scheduled to go into classrooms in the 2021–22 school year. 

    During the adoption process, SCUCISD operates as a closed district.  All publishers with materials related to Proclamation 2021 should contact only the District Instructional Materials Coordinator, Kelley Mosley.  Campus instructional staff should not be contacted by publishers.

    To find which publishers have submitted materials to be reviewed by the state panel, please visit TEA's Proclamation 2021 site. 

    The Proclamation 2021 webpage also provides additional information specific to the materials under review.  The State Board of Education requires that all Proclamation 2021 Pre-adoption Samples of instructional materials be made available to the public online. 

    In the future months, samples of instructional materials that will be considered for adoption under Proclamation 2021 should become available for public viewing at:  Education Service Center 20. For more information, visit ESC20 - Instructional Materials. 

    Interested in State Curriculum Work?

    Apply now to become a quality reviewer for the Texas Resource Review.

    Safal Partners, in partnership with the TEA, is seeking Texas educators with expertise in Spanish Prekindergarten, Spanish Foundational Literacy, and Spanish Language Arts and Reading (grades K-5 only) to participate in the Texas Resource Review by becoming a reviewer of instructional materials. As part of this select group, reviewers will have the opportunity to broaden their impact, work with a talented group of peers in a supportive environment and receive continuing professional education (CPE) credit and a stipend of at least $2,500.

    Reviewer spots fill quickly, so educators are strongly encouraged to complete the initial application as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of being selected for this competitive role. The application is the first step of the process and closes October 23. Qualified candidates will be asked to complete a performance task and interview. This rigorous process ensures the highest quality reviews of instructional materials. Apply now to join this elite team!