Specials Rotation Schedule

  • Our class is letter "F"

    *Our specials are daily from 10:00 - 10:55.

    *On weeks where we have Monday off or an "Early Release" day, that special will occur on that Friday instead of us having "Structured Movement".

    *On "Movement" days students should wear tennis shoes. 

    *You can also see which specials we have each day on the calendar in the front pocket of your child's blue take home folder.

    2017-2018 Paschal 3 Week Rotation Schedule
      PE Music Library Computers
    Week 1  
    Monday ABC D E F
    Tuesday DEF A B C
    Wednesday ABC E F D
    Thursday DEF B C A
    Friday movement 

    Week 2
    Monday ABC F D E
    Tuesday DEF C A B
    Wednesday ABC D E F
    Thursday DEF A B C
    Friday movement 

    Week 3
    Monday ABC E F D
    Tuesday DEF B C A
    Wednesday ABC F D E
    Thursday DEF C A B
    Friday movement 


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