Campus Technology Contacts

  • Campus technology support contacts and their areas of expertise are listed below. 

    The Campus Tech Mate
    The campus Tech Mate serves as a liaison between the Technology department and the campus faculty and staff.  The Tech Mate is responsible for helping faculty and staff with questions on software, as well as troubleshooting any computer hardware problems or malfunctions.  The Tech Mate also issues online work orders to the Technical Services department for any issues that he/she is not able to solve.

    Campus Webmaster
    The Campus Webmaster is responsible for the maintaining campus website. 


    School TechMate Webmaster
    Clemens High School   Dale Seiler
    Steele High School Earl Hartzog

    Rachel Schuster
    TJ Mitchell
    Dobie Junior High  Christy Loomis
    Shub Patel

    Shub Patel
    Corbett Junior High  Kelly Navarro Kelly Navarro
    Jordan Intermediate  Kelly Arnold Kelly Arnold
    Wilder Intermediate   Erin Uribe Ramos
    Schlather Intermediate  Tylena Knox Jami Jara
    Watts Elementary   Amanda Morales  
    Green Valley Elementary   Elisha Ellis
    Paschal Elementary Christina Booher Joe Zurovec
    Schertz Elementary Yesenia Castillo Katie Mather
    Rose Garden Elementary    
    Wiederstein Elementary Kelly Rust Christie Yowell  
    Sippel Elementary Giselle Paulsen Amanda Morales    
    Cibolo Valley Elementary Christie Yowell Christie Yowell
    DAEP Amanda Morales Amanda Morales
    Allison Steele High School Tamez Cade Claudia Romano