Academic Topics

  • Academic Topics

    Assigned work will have one of two purposes.   Most are to help the students have a better understanding of material presented.  Some work is intended to asses student understanding and ability.


    I believe Homework is a great opportunity to review concepts and skills already learned.   Therefore, most homework assignments will be a review of something previously done in the classroom.  But please understand that there are some items that will challenge the students.  If your child is struggling with the homework, please help them to better understand.  If you find that you are often having to assist in the understanding of the concepts in the homework, please let me know.  Weekly homework assignments will come home every Friday and are due the following Friday.


    Late Work

    Please see district policy

    Redoing Work

    All students should learn content to mastery. In order to help achieve mastery, students may redo failing assignments to include any grade such as homework, daily assignments, projects and tests. All students can redo any assignment in which they have earned a grade below a 70. The current grade will be averaged with the 2nd attempt and that will become the new grade.


    Parent Review of Work

    Weekly, the "Blue Folder" goes home.  It contains all graded work from the previous week.  Please remove and review the work and leave folder in backpack.