Classroom News

  • We are off to a great start this year.  I am so excited to have your little one with me.  We are working very hard to establish the rules and routines throughout the school and our classroom.  They seem to be responding pretty well to their new environment.  

    Please help your child practice their lunch numbers, so that  they may punch in their own numbers during lunch.  It makes them feel so independent.  That is the number that will be associated with your child for the rest of their school career in this district. It is used to help them log into their school computers as well.

    Snack- Please make sure to send a morning snack (not containing peanuts) with your child each day.  That is a long stretch from lunch for them to go without a snack.  Please follow the snack list that was sent home to help choose appropriate snacks for your child.

    Recess- Please make sure that your child is wearing appropriate shoes for the playground.  If they are wearing sandals make sure that their is a strap to keep their shoes strapped on.

    P.E.- We have P.E. on Tuesday and Thursday, please make sure that your child is wearing tennis shoes on those days. Thank you.  :)