Library Rules

  • In the library, students are expected to:

    • Be Trustworthy
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful


    Rules when sitting on the story carpet for storytime or lesson:

    • Raise your hand to speak
    • No talking during the story or lesson unless asked to by the librarian
    • Sit on your bottom with your legs crossed
    • Face forward
    • Hands and feet to yourself


    Rules when looking for and checking out books:

    • Walk in the library at all times
    • Use a whisper voice
    • Use the shelf marker to save your place on the shelf
    • Wait your turn in line to check out your books


    Rules during reading time:

    • Sit on your bottom at all times in/on the chairs
    • Feet are on the floor
    • Read silently or use a whisper voice
    • Turn the pages carefully
    • Keep books closed when you are carrying them


    Restroom Rules

    • You must ask permission to leave the library
    • One boy and/or one girl at a time
    • Please take the restroom pass
    • Follow school hallway and restroom rules