Book Checkout

  • Kindergarten students will begin checking out books the 2nd nine weeks of school.  They check out one book.

    1st Grade checks out one book.

    2nd Grade checks out one book the first semester and two books the second semester.

    3rd and 4th Grade check out two books.

    1)  Please return the book on the date due (this is stamped on the "Date Due" slip found on the inside front cover).  If you forget, return it the next day so you can check out another book.

    2)  Each student will be given a Library Book Bag to keep your book protected when it is in your backpack.  This bag must be returned with your book.  NO BAG, NO BOOK!

    3)  Find a special place to keep your book when you are not reading it.

    4)  Do not put drinks or wet items in your backpack with your book.  Liquids can do great damage to book pages.

    5)  Do not try to repair torn pages; please let the librarian take care of this.

    6)  Do not take the book outside; it will get dirty and maybe wet.

    7)  Keep the book at the house where you live; don’t take it “traveling”.

    8)  School rules still apply

    a.  Wash and dry hands before using.

    b.  Turn pages by the corners only.

    c.  Books may not touch the floor--keep in your lap or on a table.

    d.  Books are our friends--treat them with love and respect.

    9)  Younger siblings may not have the book unsupervised.

    10) Parents are financially responsible for lost or damaged books.


    Enjoy reading together and thank you for helping us take good care of our books.