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    Our weekly attendance goal is 97%

    Official attendance is taken each morning at 9:35 AM for all morning Pre-K through 4th grade students. Afternoon Pre-K attendance is taken everyday at 1:00 PM. Students must be in their classroom when attendance is taken. Please make every effort to have students present and on time every day. In case of an absence, the student's teacher and/or attendance clerk should be contacted before 9:30 AM by the parent of the student in order to make arrangements for the continuance of academic work.

    If your child is absent...

    • Send in an excuse note any time your child is absent. Calling in a student absence does not automatically excuse it; only a written note, an email or an online submission will excuse an absence. Notes must be received within 3 days of absence.
    • If the student is out for a medical/dental appointment, a note from the care provider is required to excuse the absence.
    • An absence is considered unexcused if a note is not provided within 3 days of the student returning to school from the absence.

    A truancy warning letter could be sent when a student has 3 unexcused absences. Further notices and/or contact will be necessary if a student continues to have unexcused absences. Ten or more unexcused absences may result in contact from the district truancy officer and possible court appearances and/or fines.

    To submit form click on this link: Paschal Absence Form

    Please be advised that absences will be updated within 5 days of receiving the note.

    If your child is tardy... - Tardy bell rings at 8:10. Students must be in their classroom when the Tardy bell rings. Tardy students must be signed in at the office by a parent or guardian.

    Please note: 

    According to state law, a student may not be given credit (or promoted) unless the student is in attendance for at least 90% of the school year. Students with excessive absences (excused or unexcused) will be contacted by the teacher, campus administrator, and/or the Districts' Student Services Coordinator


    Questions?  Email Paulina Dominguez at pdominguez@scuc.txed.net. 



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