Class Rules and Expectations

  • Behavior Rewards and Consequences System

    -         Classroom Rules

             1.     Keep your hands to yourself.

    2.    Put things away in the correct place.

    3.    Be nice.

    4.    Raise your hand when you want to speak.

    5.    Listen and follow directions.




    -         We also use the Magic 5 rule to help teach the students how to be good listeners. 

                These are the expectations:

            1.     Eyes watching

            2.    Ears listening

            3.    Sitting First Grade Style (legs criss-crossed)

            4.    Hands in Lap

            5.    Lips Locked




    -         Bunny Stamp in folder means your child had a good day

    -         Praise and Positive Notes Home

    -         Stickers



    1.  Warning (name on board)

    2. Note in folder/e-mail home (no Bunny Stamp in folder) and Time to Think

                3. Phone call home and Time to Think