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    Starting Monday, your child will receive a Spelling List and a Homework Packet each week. The Homework Packet is due on Friday of each week. Completing and returning the Homework Packet is part of your child’s Report Card - Work Habits: Returns Materials/Homework. Please go through the Homework Packet with your child, make sure they understand what they need to do, and please check their finished work.

    Please have your child read, spell, and write their Spelling Words regularly as we will be having a Spelling Test every Friday. Please also practice the Dictation Sentences, as follows:

    Read the sentence to your child once so they can hear it.

    Read it again slowly - one or two words at a time.

    Have your child write the word – they may look at the word as they write it.

    Read the sentence again a slowly while your child is pointing at and saying each word.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


    Denise Dickson

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