Snack Policy

  • Mrs. Hauptmann’s Policy on Snacks in the Classroom


    Our class will have lunch each day. Students who need a mid-morning snack are free to bring something from home as long as the snack meets the Provisions and Guidelines for the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy.


    -         Snack time is a classroom option, and students who do not comply with this policy will not be allowed to have snacks in class.

    -         Chips, candy, and cookies are absolutely not allowed. If a student brings these items for him/herself, they may eat these things at lunchtime in the cafeteria.

    -         Snacks must be kept in the student’s backpack or class refrigerator until snack time.

    -         Students are never allowed to share snacks in the classroom.

    -         Students may keep a bottle of water at their seat, provided there is a lid or cap. Water bottles must be thrown away or taken home to be washed each day. Students may not store water bottles in their desk or cubby.

    -         Juice, sports drinks and sodas are not allowed at snack time, but can be enjoyed at lunch.

    -         Students are not allowed to use the microwave to prepare their snack or lunch unless prior arrangements are made.

    -         The right to have snacks or water may be revoked at any time, especially if these things become a distraction for the child.



    If you have any questions regarding our classroom policy on snacks, or on the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy, please let me know.