Special Education Transportation Guidelines


    Updated July 2022


     Our Mission: To provide a safe, effective, and efficient means of transportation for the students and staff of SCUC ISD. 

    We look forward to working with you and your child this school year! In an effort to ensure your experience with SCUCISD Special Education Transportation Services is a positive one we have created the following guidelines.

    1. Steps to get services started
    • The Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee, with you as the parent, has determined that your child is eligible for special needs bus service and it is outlined in your child’s IEP.  This service is provided as a related service under Title 34 DFR 300.16. 
    • The campus Case Manager/Teacher will be your main contact person if there are any changes regarding your child’s needs and/or requirements and will contact the Special Education Route Coordinator with the detailed bus service request information for your child.
    • Once the bus service request is received by the Special Education Route Coordinator your child will be assigned to a route within three (3) to five (5) school days.  A transportation department representative will contact you with your child’s bus information.
    • Notify your student’s campus Case Manager/Teacher of any changes or updates such as address or phone number change or to make alternate pickup/drop off site arrangements.  Please note that once the changes to the pickup or drop off site have been received by the Special Education Route Coordinator, the pickup and/or drop off site must be approved by the Transportation Department office and may take up to three (3) to five (5) school days for the changes to take effect. If possible, the alternative pick up and drop off locations should be within the attendance zone of the school the student is attending, which will help avoid lengthy bus rides.  
    • Please note your child’s pick up and drop off location must be either the child’s residence, the residence of the grandparents or a licensed child-care facility. All pick up and drop off locations must be within SCUC ISD’s attendance zone

    2. Parent Responsibility at pickup

    • Student must be fully clothed, toileted and ready at the bus stop five (5) to ten (10) minutes prior to the pick-up time. The bus will wait no longer than three (3) minutes, then leave if your child is not approaching and boarding.  Waiting any longer will delay the students from arriving to school on time.
    • The bus monitor will greet your child at the door of the bus and will accept responsibility for your child.  We understand there are instances in which sharing information with the driver and/or monitor is necessary regarding major personal disruptions that would seriously affect your child's behavior during the bus ride.  However, in most situations, please call 945-6224 to speak with the driver and/or monitor rather than delay the driver’s route. 
    • If your child will not be riding the bus, on any given day, notify the Transportation Department at 945-6224 as soon as possible.  The office hours are 5:30am – 5:30pm.  Do not leave a voice message.  You may also submit this notification on-line through our department’s webpage, www.scuc.txed.net, by clicking on the link Not Riding The Bus.  Not riding for three (3) consecutive days, without prior notification, may result in termination of bus service and will need to call 945-6808 to reinstate bus service.

    3. Parent Responsibility at drop-off

    • It is important that the Special Education Route Coordinator has accurate and current contact information (i.e. phone numbers and alternate contacts) of all authorized individuals able to receive your child.  **If your child cannot be dropped off without an adult present, you must document (within the Transportation Supplement) the names of all authorized individuals that may receive the student. **
    • If your child is to be taken to a daycare or other designated location, please instruct the daycare or other authorized parties to meet the bus accordingly.
    • Monitor relinquishes responsibility for your child at the door of the bus.  If IEP states an adult must be present, it is your responsibility to be at your child’s stop by the scheduled drop off time.  Failure to do so, or to communicate with our office in case of emergency, may disrupt other student’s transportation needs and will be returned to the campus.  Repeated occurrences in which you or the authorized individual is not at the stop may necessitate that an ARD be scheduled/held to discuss and review Special Education Transportation services. 


    4. Frequently asked questions


    1. What happens if I'm not home to receive my child after school?  

    If the IEP Transition Supplement states that your child may not be dropped off without an adult present, we will make every attempt to contact you and/or the designated authorized individuals listed to receive your child.  Should we not make contact with you, your child will be returned to their school where you will be asked to pick up your child from there.  If time permits, the driver will complete their route and may make one more attempt to drop off your child before returning your child back to their school.  Repeated occurrences in which you or the authorized individual is not at the stop may necessitate that an ARD be scheduled/held to discuss Special Education Transportation services. 

    2. Why does it take up to three school days to begin transportation services for my child?

    When a new student is added to or dropped from a driver's list, the time of pick-up and drop-off changes for all students.  All parents need this time change information as quickly as possible to make necessary adjustments to their schedules.  The driver also needs information about their children before transporting them.  The three day lead between notice and start of transport allows for necessary information processing.

    3. Whom do I call when I have questions or concerns? 

    Any questions or concerns about transportation services, please call the Special Ed Route Coordinator at 210-945-6808.  If specific bus requirements have changed due to health issues or other concerns, please contact your child’s campus Case Manager/Teacher.

    4. Can my child’s driver take his/her medication to the school for me?

    If your child’s prescriptions have changed or need to be replenished, please contact your child’s school nurse.  All medications shall be hand-delivered by a parent or guardian to the appropriate school official.