Classroom Policies


    Restroom & Water Break Use Policy:

    Students may use the restroom & take a water break, with the permission from the teacher or substitute, while in the class; however, only one student at a time may be out of the classroom. 

    During classroom instruction, students are expected to wait for Mr. Hutton to complete the instruction before using the restroom or obtaining a water break (with the exception of emergencies).


    Classroom Snacks & Water Bottle Policy:

    Students may bring snacks to the classroom, as long as the snacks comply with the school district's food and allergy guidelines.  Students SHOULD NOT bring any snacks that contain peanuts or other nut products into the classroom.

    Students may bring water bottles containing water into the classroom.


    P.E. Specials Policy:

    Students are expected to bring tennis shoes with them on the days that we attend specials in the gym.


    Bullying & Harassment Policy:

    Students are expected to treat their classmates with respect & kindness, and to report all violations to the teacher or substitute.  Bullying &harassment WILL NOT be tolerated in & out of the classroom environment.