This classroom will utilize ClassDojo as well as a clip color system to translate ClassDojo points (positive or negative) into colors which will be transcribed in your child's daily white binder. Each parent will receive an initiation code and link during the first week of school that will allow access to the ClassDojo set up for this class. Within that website you will be able to generate reports and look into specific positive or negative behavior, which may warrant added praise or correction. You may follow this link for more information on ClassDojo:


    Every day, students will start out on GREEN.  If the student makes good choices throughout the day, then the student will move up to BLUE (+6-8).  By making wonderful/fantastic decisions, a student will have the opportunity to move up to PURPLE (+9-10).


    If the student makes poor choices, then the student will move down to YELLOW (-1-2) and be given time to reflect on how to make better choices.  If the poor choices continue, then the student moves down to RED (-3-4) and the teacher has the discretion on how to handle the situation and the choice to contact parents.   


    (+9-10) PURPLE = Awesome Day


    (+6-8) BLUE = Great Day


    (+0-5) GREEN = Ready to Learn


    (-1-2) YELLOW = Reflect


    (-3-4) RED = Teacher Choice/Parent Contact