Helpful Information for Parents



     Covid Rules





    We all know this part… kids get sick!


    If your child is sick, please contact the school (210-619-4550) to let us know.

    It is especially important to contact the school if your child misses 2 or more days of school.


    On the day your child returns to school, please send a note including the days he/she missed and the reason why. Please put the note in your child’s Binder.

    *Attendance is done at 9:30 a.m. every day.

    *Please send a note when your child is absent.

    Please include child's name, teacher's name, proper dates of illness and parent signature.









    If your child has a medical appointment and returns to school that day, please bring a note from the doctor’s office.

     Please try to do the best that you can to set your child’s appointments for later in the day.

    I know that that can’t always happen but please do the best that you can.



    Arrival Time



    When your child comes to school each morning he/she will either go to the Cafeteria for breakfast or sit outside my classroom before 7:45.


     The first bell rings at 7:45 and the tardy bell rings at 8:00, then class begins.


     Please remember that it is important for your child to be on time each and every day.

    If your child is tardy, a parent or guardian must accompany the child into the school and sign the book at the front desk and receive a slip from Mrs.Hagen.








    Your child is RESPONSIBLE for his/her belongings.



    Please do your best to set up routines at home to insure that your child comes to school every day with the proper supplies.

    Please make sure that toys are left at home.

     Please read information on toys and electronics as well as cell phone usage in the District Hnadbook.












    The Birthday Policy will be different this year.  We will not be able to have food 

    or goody bag distributions.  If you would like your child to celebrate in class your child could wear a fun shirt or hat.

    We will still sing and figure out creative ways to CELEBRATE your child!










    Studies indicate that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Please make sure that your child has a well balanced breakfast at home.

    If your child eats breakfast at school, and your child is a parent drop off, 

    please make sure that he/she is dropped off early enough in the morning to eat breakfast.








    Change in Transportation



    This is ONE of the most IMPORTANT items of the day.



    If there should be any reason that your child must go home another way than usual, you need to contact me or the school.If you know in the morning that your child will be going home a different way, please send a note that morning.

    If something pops up during the day, please try to contact the school before 2:00.

    Please note that anyone picking up your child should be on record in the Office. We will not hesitate to ask to see the person’s driver’s license to insure the safety of your child.





    Weekly Communication will be sent home on Monday's.

     CLASSROOM NOTES will be sent home weekly to keep you informed of the daily activities that are occurring in the classroom.

     PROGRESS REPORTS will be sent home during each grading period.

     REPORT CARDS will be sent home the Thursday after each 9 week grading period is completed.






    Parent Conferences will be held in the middle of October but are not held to only that time.

    Conferences can be held at any point during the year. Please contact me if needed








    Discipline Program

     When each child enters my room he/she is there to receive the BEST education that he/she deserves.

    In order for that to occur,

    we must all work together to achieve that common goal.

    Please check the RULES section on my website for guidelines!




     Walkers are dismissed at 3:10 each day.

    Parent Pick Ups are dismissed at 3:15.

    If your child is a parent pick up child please make sure to post the car tag in your car daily. This makes the parent pick up line run smoother as well as faster.

     Please try to have your child picked up before 3:45 daily.

    Many of the staff have meetings during the week that begin at 3:45,

    with your promptness those meetings can begin on time.

    If you should be late, please contact the office to let them know.






    EASY Ways to Contact Me:

    *Class DoJo


    Google Voice: 210 951 8394

    If you contact me through Google Voice please leave your child's name and your name. 

    Thank you!





    Emergency Contact Numbers



    Please make sure that the OFFICE, NURSE, and CLASSROOM TEACHER

    have all current phone numbers and cell numbers of ALL parents and emergency contacts.

    If your child is in need of help, we need to be able to contact somebody immediately.

    When we don’t have proper numbers it slows the process down.







    snoopy tennis





    Please make sure that on the days that your child has P.E. that he/she wears TENNIS SHOES.

    No flip flops, boots, or regular shoes are to be worn on P.E. Days.


    *** Please help your child learn how to tie his/her shoes.

    There are lots of tutorials on You Tube to help with this process. 

    Don't stress though.... I ALWAYS tie shoes! :-)





    Your Kindergartener will not receive letter grades this year. 

    He/she will be assessed throughout the year and results will be on Report Cards and Progress Reports.






    Your child will receive homework nightly beginning in October.

    It is your child’s responsibility to do his/her very best on the work provided each night.

    If you find that your child is taking a considerable amount of time each night to complete the assignments, please contact me.

     Your child will also be required to work on his/her reading stamenia each night as well.

     Many times this isn’t considered homework in that this is a practice that

    your child should already be in a habit of doing by this point in their education.

     Parents should also get in the practice of checking homework

    nightly to make sure that your child did his/her best work and understands what he/she is doing.



    Homework is to be done in PENCIL (unless directions are given to use crayons).

    • Homework should be done neatly.
      Parents will need to initial each homework page nightly.




    Your child may pass out invitations to the class for birthday parties ONLY IF he/she is inviting the WHOLE CLASS.

    He/she MAY NOT pass out invitations for only a few students in class. This hurts too many feelings.





    snoopy lunch





    This year, your child will be required to learn a special code when he/she is buying lunch in the Cafeteria.

    Your child will have to learn his/her school ID number.

    When your child owes money an envelope will be sent home.

     Please have the following information on the envelope:

           Child's Full Name

    •  Child's Id Number

       Teacher's Name

    OUR LUNCH TIME IS: 12:50 - 1:20





    Face Coverings





    snoopy doctor







    All medication sent to school needs to dropped off in the School Nurses’ Office. Make sure that it is in its original

    packaging and the prescription is on it or else the nurse will not be able to give it to your child.


    ****Please notify us of ANY medication changes!!!

     Please read DISTRICT POLICY on MEDICATION. Thank you! :-)







    All notes (transportation, absences…) sent to school need to have the below information:

     *Teacher’s name – Mrs. Legg

     *Student’s Full name

     *Student's Id Number

     *Students class number – C113

     *Explanation for why note is being sent


    ***Please note that a note MUST BE SENT for each time your child is absent for it to be an excused absence.

    The note must be sent within three days of the absence.




    Parent Teacher Club - Please take the time to join our P.T.C.!

    They can always use your help.

    P.T.C. always helps Wiederstein children and teachers!

    We can always use help with workwork activites that need to be made for the teachers.


    Positive Reinforcements


    Every day your child has numerous chances to be noticed for doing a great job.

    Stickers,stamps and other incentives may be used to let your child know he/she is doing a great job!!!



    Reading Log


    Your child will be responsible for reading each night.

    This can be a library book, a guided reading book, a newspaper, etc.

     He/she will have to be involved in the reading process

     to build his/her reading stamenia each night (Monday - Thursday).




    School Bus Policy


    Please read the District Handbook for policies.


    Signing In


    When you come to visit us on Campus, please make sure to have your driver's license

    with you and sign in at the front desk and get a visitors sticker.

     Visitors must sign in. Please be prepared to show your drivers license or military ID.

     Please do not get upset if you are stopped in the hallway if you do not have a visitors pass on.

    We will question anyone that does not have a visitors pass simply

    to insure the safety of the children in our school.





    Tardies can happen OCCASSIONALLY but should not happen regularly.

    If you have an issue please contact the me so we can figure out a solution. 




    Please send a note for ALL transportation changes.

    Please make sure to remind your child to pass in the note at the beginning of the day,

    and try to limit the amount of changes you have, as this can cause frustration in your child.

    * If your child is going to ride a different bus, please indicate the new bus number that he/she will be riding on.

    * If your child is going to be going home with someone different, please make sure that we have the first and last name of that person and the phone number for that person.








    • New phone numbers
    • New cell numbers
    • New places of employment
    • New change of address
    • New medications






    Wiederstein can always use volunteers. If you are interested please let me or P.T.C. know.

    I can always use help in the classroom, especially during reading groups.




    We can always use fun stuff for the classroom.

    Whenever you are at the store and can find fun cheap stuff listed below we could ALWAYS use donations:

     Writing Center Stuff – Highlighters, fun markers, post-its, fun note pad paper,  stamps, ink pads, fun stickers, etc.

    •  Children always LOVE... Fun pencils, erasers, and grippies for pencils.






    X Y Z

    Remember that you and your child are eXtra special!

    *So please let me know about anything that may be important for me to know to help your child learn to his/her fullest potential.

    You, your child, and I will work together to achieve success!