Library Club - for 4th Graders

  • 4th Graders have the opportunity to be in the Library Club.  As a Library Club Member, students help in the library before school.  Students work in the library on the same days each week. They may work as many days they wish as long as there are slots available. It is recommended to work at least two days per week.

    At the beginning of the school year, applications will be available for the Library Club.  Interested students must complete the application, which includes a signature from the teacher and parent.  Students are notified shortly thereafter of their work days and time. Members must attend a mandatory meeting prior to starting. 

    In order to be a Library Club Member, students must be responsible with their school work and home work.  Throughout the year, teachers and parents will be asked to complete an evaluation, stating their student/child is maintaining responsibility in the classroom and at home.  Students not maintaining a responsible status at school, home, or in the library may be let go from the Library Club.

    There are limited slots for Library Club. Students who do not make it the first round will be considered if a Library Club member quits or is let go. 

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