Checking Out Books

  • Students always begin the school year excited about checking out library books!  3rd & 4th graders will begin checking out books typically on their second library day. Kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders will begin checking out books typically on their third library day.  Check the Specials Schedule to see when your child's books need to be returned.  Books are due the same day your child has library.  The calendar is updated monthly.

    IMPORTANT: Students with overdue books or library fines will be restricted from checking out until the matter is resolved.


    When do students check out library books? 

    • Kinder and first grade students check out books every time they go to the Library during Specials, which is about every seven school days. Third and fourth graders check out library books every other library class. Second graders will begin this rotation in January.
    • The Library is also open mornings before school (typcially third/fourth week of September) for all K-4 students to return and check out books.
    • Second through fourth graders are also allowed to check out books at any time during the day as long as they follow the important procedures for doing so.

    **Note: The schedule is always subject to change without notification.


    How many books may students check out?

    * Kindergartners check out one book each library class all year long.  At the beginning of the school year, kinder students keep their library book in their classroom, until responsible book care is learned.  Parents should see library books come home by the end of October.

    * 1st Graders begin the school year checking out one book at a time, but by the 6th-9th week of school, two books are checked out.

    * 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders may check out 2 books at a time all year long. (Coupons to check out extra books may be earned.)

    * Pre-kindergartners do not check out books. 


    When do library books need to be returned?

    Library Books are due the same day your child goes to Library for Specials. For 2nd-4th graders, their library books are due on the library class day they will check out.  (There may some exceptions, like when grade levels are combined.)  Please check the Specials Schedule to see when your child's books are due. 

    Library books may be returned before the next library day.  Books can be placed at the "Check In" Counter by the Library's entrance door. (Most students know how to check in their own book.) Students may also return their books when the Library is open before school.  Also during that time, they may check out new ones.


    IMPORTANT: If you wish for your child to NOT check out books - or you prefer checked out books stay in the classroom - please send a note, email, or call me as soon as possible.

The Library is Open Before School!

  • Morning Check Out Mondays - Wednesdays

    7:35-8:00 a.m.


     Starting Date: TBD


    Students may visit the library before school to:

    • Return books
    • Check out books
    • Read quietly