Checking Out Books

  • Students always begin the school year excited about checking out library books! Here is some information that you need to know about this wonderful resource.


    When do students check out library books? 

    • Kinder and first grade students check out books every week when they visit the library with their class.
      • There will be opportunities throughout the week for kinder and 1st graders to exchange books.
    • Second, third, and fourth graders check out library books every three weeks when they visit the library with their class.
      • Older students may visit the library any time during the school day to exchange library books.
    • The library is also open before school for all students to return and check out new books.

    How many books may students check out?

    • Kindergartners check out one book at a time.
      • At the beginning of the school year, kinder students keep their library book in their classroom, until responsible book care is learned.  Parents should see library books come home by the end of September.
      • Kindergartners may have the opportunity to check out 2 books in the second semester.
    • 1st Graders begin the school year by checking out one book at a time, but by October, two books are checked out.
    • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders may check out 2 books at a time.
      • (Coupons to check out extra books may be earned.)
      • Older students may have the opportunity to check out 3 books in the second semester.

    * Pre-kindergartners do not check out books. 

    When do library books need to be returned?

    • Library books are due the same day your child goes to the library with their class.
      • If a student is not finished with their book, they may renew it, but they must bring the book to the library in order to do this.
    • Library books may also be returned early.
      • Students may visit the library between classes to return books and check out new ones.

    IMPORTANT: If you wish for your child to NOT check out books - or you prefer checked-out books remain in the classroom - please send a note, email, or call me as soon as possible.