'What has my child checked out?' - View Your Child's Library Account

  • Don't know what books your child is checking out? 

    Did your child forget what book they checked out?

    Do you need to see if your child's books were returned?

    Three books with an apple and worm eating through the apple

    Use the Destiny Discover Card Catalog to check your child's account!



    1. Go to the Library's Catalog (also from the Library Home page).

    2. If needed, click Wiederstein Elementary.

    3. Click Login (top right).

    4. Click "Log in using your account with SCUC."

    Log in using your account with

    5. Enter your child's Classlink username & password:


    last name + 1st 2 letters of first name + last 3 digits of ID number + @scuc.txed.net


    1st 2 letters of first name + ID number with the zero


    Example: Mevil Dewey - ID #012345

    Username: deweyme345@scuc.txed.net

    Password: me012345


    6. Once you are logged into Destiny Discover, click "My Stuff", and you will be able to see: