Book Care Tips - Please help take care of our beautiful books!

  • In library, we talk a lot about taking care of books.  Please help your child remember ways to be responsible with their checked out library books.


    Book Care Tips:

    1. Have clean hands.
    2. Keep away from food & drinks.
    3. Keep away from water.
    4. Turn pages at the top or bottom corner.
    5. Don't write in or tear pages in books.
    6. Keep away from small children & pets.
    7. Hug your book when you walk with it.
    8. Keep it in a safe place at home.
    9. Use a bookmark to save your spot.
    10. Return books on time.
    11. Do not lend your book to a friend.

    ***If a book is damaged, show Mrs. Yowell or Mrs. Coleman right away!

    Please refer to the Library Fines page for information about damaged books.