Let's Visit the Book Fair!

  • Wiederstein Library hosts two book fairs every school year, one in the fall, and the second in the spring.  Book fairs not only get books in the hands of children and their families, but they also raise funds for the library.  Monies raised go toward items, such as new books, reading motivation, student rewards, library supplies, special visitors, technology, or whatever the library needs.

    Book fair coming soon    


     It is highly encouraged that students shop during their library class. Please check the Specials Schedule to see when your child has library during the Book Fair.

    The average cost of a picture book is $5.99 and $5.99-$9.99 for a novel/chapter book. 

    NOTE: 8.25% tax is added to all Book Fair purchases.  Please make sure you send enough money with your child to cover the tax.

    three children smiling