Safety Patrol



    Service in the patrol is voluntary and open to all interested 4th grade students.  Duties will require a short amount of time each school day in the mornings and/or afternoons.  Morning Safety Patrol has duty from 7:30-8:05 AM   

     The Safety Patrol members are expected to display the following characteristics at all times:  dependability, positive attitude, courtesy towards others, high responsibility level, and good academic standing. The Primary goals of the Patrol are:

    -          To help children cross the school’s sidewalks, crosswalks, and parking lots safely on their way to/from school. 

    -          To model and promote pedestrian safety.

    -          To assist students, teachers, and parents by opening doors as they enter and exit the building.

    -          To develop qualities of leadership and citizenship in Patrol members.


    The Safety Patrol has high expectations for all its members both ON and OFF duty. Any of the areas below could cause a member to be temporarily suspended or in some cases dismissed from the Patrol.

    -          Failing schoolwork

    -          Classroom discipline problems

    -          Office referrals

    -          Irresponsible or unsafe actions that endanger other students

    -          Constantly showing up late for duty

    -          Misuse of Safety Patrol equipment and/or school property