Dismissal Policy


    Dismissal Policy

    If the way your child goes home changes IN ANY WAY,

    Mrs. Szanto needs to know


    Walkers and Bikers

    Students who walk or ride a bike home from rehearsal are expected to leave campus IMMEDIATELY and go DIRECTLY HOME.  They are to TAKE SERIOUSLY the responsibility of going home unsupervised.  Students will not be allowed to continue participating in after-school music activities if they are reported to be acting inappropriately on their way home.

    Parent Pick-Ups

    If you will be picking your child up from rehearsal, you must come into the music room to get him/her.  Students will be dismissed at 3:45 from rehearsal.  If an emergency arises and you will be unable to pick up your child promptly at 3:45, please call the office to leave me a message.  On the SECOND occasion that any student is picked up more than 10 minutes late, no matter what the reason, that student may NO LONGER PARTICIPATE!