Code of Conduct

  • Students Pledge and Commitment to Music


    I will act appropriately during rehearsals, performances and field trips. This includes following directions the first time I am asked, controlling my talking, using instruments wisely, having a positive attitude and being respectful to Mrs. Szanto, other ensemble members and chaperones.

    I will attend all rehearsals and performances. If I am going to be absent, I will ask my parent to write Mrs. Szanto a note or to call the office and leave her a message to let her know. If I leave school early, it is my job to tell Mrs. Szanto that I will not be at rehearsal.

    I will represent Rose Garden Elementary on all outings, field trips and district functions. This means that I will wear the appropriate attire, look neat, follow directions, speak respectfully to others, control my talking and have a positive attitude.

    I will represent the Owl Chorale, Recorder Ensemble, Folk Dance Society, and/or Orff Ensemble during the school day by always doing my best work, being respectful to others and following the school rules.

     I understand Mrs. Szanto expects the highest level of musicianship and citizenship from students participating in these groups.


    I understand I will be placed on probation

    from rehearsals/performances/field trips is I:

    -  Receives a music class conduct or participation grade below an “S-“

    -  Report card grade below a “C” average or conduct grade below “S-“ 

    The length of probation will be determined by the student’s progress in conduct and academics. If marked improvements are made, the student will be allowed to participate once again.

    I understand that if I behave inappropriately during rehearsals, performances or field trips I will receive a “Behavior Notice” and that the third  “Behavior Notice” will result in dismissal from ALL extra-curricular music activities. Extra-curricular  music activities are a PRIVILEGE.  Misbehavior, absenteeism and poor academics will not be tolerated.