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    The uniform for all ensembles is: khaki pants, dark shoes and the ensemble polo shirt. You are responsible for getting your child long, khaki pants and appropriate shoes.  The polo shirt can be ordered through me (see form)  Students are expected to wear their uniform during performances with shirts tucked in and their hair neat.  We represent Rose Garden and should   always look our best!


    Monitoring the behavior of 30 or more children alone is quite a task.  It is multiplied when you put them on a bus and take them “on the town”!  If you can chaperone a field trip or help during a performance, please let me know.  To be a chaperone, you will need to submit to a background check – see Mrs. Karen Fey in the school office.


    Every month your child will receive a newsletter – with rehearsal, performance and field trip dates and other important information.  It is your child’s responsibility to get this newsletter home to you!  There will also be a newsletter in PDF format on my website.

    Code of Conduct

    I expect the highest level of musicianship and citizenship from students participating in these groups.  Any student behaving inappropriately during rehearsals, performances or field trips will receive a “Behavior Notice”. 

    The third  “Behavior Notice” will result in dismissal from ALL extra-curricular music activities.

    Unable to Continue

    If, for any reason, your child does not wish to continue participating in one of these groups, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Please be CLEAR!

    Extra-curricular  music activities are a PRIVILEGE.  Misbehavior, absenteeism and poor academics will not be tolerated.  Please read all the information on my website and the handbook given to all the selected students with your child before deciding if he/she is ready for this level of commitment!