• BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

    I have my device with me in class. How do I get on the Internet now?

    Most personal devices will detect a wireless connection when you are near one,  and will ask you if you would like to join the network. When prompted, choose SCUCPORTAL from the list. You will log in with your SCUC username and password.

    My device is not prompting me to choose a wireless network. Is there another way to connect?

    In the settings menu of your device, there is usually an icon for a network. Go to this icon and choose SCUCPORTAL from the list, or prompt your computer to look for wireless networks in range. Always consult the owner’s manual that came with your device for exact directions for accessing a wireless network.

    I brought my device to school to use in the classroom, but my teacher said I couldn't use it in her classroom. Can I still use it?

    The teacher in the classroom is the final say on procedures in the classroom. If he or she asks you not to use your technology tool you should follow those directions. Access is only available, not guaranteed, for each classroom situation.

    I just can’t get my device to connect to the network. Can I get some help from someone?

    Resources will be available on the student webpage to help you connect to the SCUCPORTAL network. It is not the responsibility of your teachers or other SCUC staff to troubleshoot individual devices during the school day. Check your owner’s manual for issues concerning connectivity.

    I need to save my work in my X-Drive shared folder. Why can’t I access this resource?

    Within SCUC, you are on the SCUCPORTAL wireless network that is designed to give you Internet access only. Students will not have access to any district drives or network folders.

    I need to print the spreadsheet I just created. Why is there no printer listed when I try this?

    Like the shared folders, printers are networked differently on the campus and will not be available when you log in to SCUCPORTAL. Some alternative solutions to printing include emailing the document to your teacher to print, saving it to a flash drive and print it from home or another campus computer. Keep in mind that using campus printers in the classroom or other learning spaces is at the discretion of the teacher or campus administrator.

    My device was stolen when I brought it to school. Who should I contact about this?

    Bringing your own technology tools to school can be useful, however some risks are involved as well. It is always a good idea to record the device’s serial number to have in case of theft. SCUC is not responsible for the theft of a device or for any damage done to the device while at school. Any time a theft occurs, you should contact a school administrator to make him/her aware of the offense.

    Why am I filtered on my own computer? Shouldn't I be able to see what I want to on my own device?

    Student filtering is a requirement of all public schools. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered, regardless of the tool you use to access it while in a public school. Your laptop or phone is the device, the network you are using while at school belongs to SCUC  and will be filtered.

    Am I still held accountable for the Acceptable Use Policy I signed at the beginning of the school year even though this is my own personal computer?

    Yes. The Acceptable Use Policy for SCUC remains in effect even when you are using your own device. Violating the terms of the AUP would be a student code of conduct violation and would be dealt with on the campus with a campus administrator. The AUP is part of the Student Code of Conduct.

    Why can’t my little brother bring his device to school? He is in the 1st grade.

    At this time BYOD is the choice of the campus.