Food Allergy Awareness



    Food in the Classroom and Allergy Awareness


    Keeping All Kids Safe




    Many classes have a scheduled snack time during the school day. We encourage our students to make healthy choices. Cakes, candy, and cookies are not allowed except for special days designated by the campus (i.e. class parties for holidays).

    Students need to bring their own snack from the approved list below.

    Snacks are not allowed to be shared and will not be provided by the classroom teacher.

    Only the following snack items will be allowed in the classroom:



    Approved Snack List


     Fresh Fruit / Veggies


               **Pepperidge Farm

               **Rold Gold


               **HEB Sourdough Pretzels

               **HEB Whole Grain Pretzels

    Graham Crackers



               **Teddy Grahams

              **Hill Country Fare Graham Crackers Honey

               **Hill Country Fare Graham Crackers Cinnamon




    Goldfish –Pepperidge Farm




               **HEB Rich and Crisp Crackers

                **HEB Butter Supremes

                **Hill Country Fare Thin Wheats

                **HEB Woven Wheats

                **Hill Country Fare Wheat Snackers

                **HEB CHZ2



    Cereal Breakfast Bars


                **Special K
                **Hill Country Fare Fruit and Grain Bars


    Fruit Snacks

            **Betty Crocker

                **Fruit Gushers

                **Clif Kid Twisted Fruit



                **Baked Lay’s




                **Veggie Chips/Straws