High Frecuency Words for First Grade

  •                         First Grade Words


    a                  be                  can              find                 had

    about           because         can't           for                  has

    after            big                come            friend             have

    all                 black            car               from               he

    am                boy                day               get                 her

    and               but                did                girl                here

    are                                    do                 go                   him

    as                                     down             going               his

    at                                      eat                good               house



    if              made              play            talk           very

    I’m           make              put              tell            want

    in             man               quiet           that           was

    into          me                 rain             the            way

    is             mother           said            them          we

    it              my                 saw            there          went

    jump        new                say             they           were

    kick         nice               school         thing           what

    know       no                  see              this            when

    like         not                 she              to              where

    little       of                   sister           too            who

    look        off                  so                 two           why

    lost         old                  some            up             will

    not          on                  stop              us             with

                   or                                                        you

                   out                                                      your

                   over                                                    zoo





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