High Frecuency Words for Second Grade

  •                           Second Grade Words


    a           can           favorite              I               made

    about      can't       find                  I'd             mail

    after      car            first                 if               make

    again      came          found              I'll             man

    all        caught         for                    I'm          many

    am    children          friend            important      me

    and      city             friends              in                more

    are      come            from                into           mother

    as       could             get                   is                 my

    asked   crashes        girl                   it               new

    at       day                 go                  it's              nice     

    away    did             going                 its                no

    be       didn't        good                  jump             not

    because    do         gym                   just              now

    before     don't     had                   kick               of

    best       down       has                   kicked            off

    big         eat          have                  knew             old

    black      eating       he                    know            on     

    boy        every        her                   leave           one

    brother    even       here                 like             once

    but            him       liked                  or               his         

    little       other        how                  look             our

     hurt         lots          out                own              over

    people        she         thing            what

    picture    should     think              when

    play          show         this              where

    pretty      sister        those            who

    probably    small           to              why

    put              so             too             will

    question      some         two           with

    quiet       sometimes      up          without

    quit             stop            us           won't

    rain             talk             use        wouldn't

    really          tell            very         world

    right           that         walked       write

    said           the             want         you

    saw            their          wanted      your

    say             them           was         you've

    school         there           way

    see              these           we

    she            they            went

    they're        were