Rules and Expectations

  • P.E. Classroom Rules and Expectations

    The following expectations have been set forth in order for the safety and well-being of all the students who enter our class:

    1. Come to class prepared.  This includes wearing appropriate shoes and clothing. All students must have closed-toe, rubber soled shoes (no sandals, crocs, flip flops, ballet slip-ons, cleats, or boots allowed). Girls must have shorts on under skirts, belts if waist of pants are too big, etc.

    2. Be a good listener.

    3. Always follow directions.

    4. Respect ourselves, others, and equipment.

                        but most importantly....


    HAVE FUN!!!


    *Once the students have entered the gym, they will not be allowed to return to the classroom to retrieve items from their backpack.

    If your child does not have appropriate shoes or clothing, he/she will be unable to participate in P.E. that day. A reminder note will be sent home that day with your child. It must be signed by you AND your child and returned the next school day.

    If your child continuously has difficulty following the rules and/or not wearing appropriate clothing/shoes, it will result in a lower participation grade for your child.