Mustang Mission Statement, Goals, and Expectations



    100% of the Maryfield Mustangs will...

    1) Be Respectful

    2) Be Responsible

    3) Be Safe


    Maryfield's Mustangs are

    Uniquely Proactive

    Successful at our work

    Think Win-Win

    Awesome and Respectful

    Nice to others

    Generous and Smart

    Synergize ALL Panthers!

    Ms. Maryfield’s CLASS NORMS


    -       The students will be engaged and on task while in this classroom.

    -       The students will be respectful, responsible and safe.

    -       The students will give 110% of their attention and effort.

    -       The students will ask for clarification if there is something that they do not understand, thereby taking responsibility for their own learning.


    We will follow these expectations during the 2020-2021 school year.