Behavior Folder Color Explanations

  •     Green Behavior Folder- This folder will have a discipline calendar to show your child’s daily behavior. Discipline in my classroom is based on the premise that all kids WANT to do ‘good’. Good behavior is rewarded with verbal praise first and foremost. In order to provide our class with the excellent educational climate they deserve, we will use the following behavior management plan. We have a color chart divided into sections. Each student has a section with their name on it, along with a green, yellow, and red card.

    -                The cards will begin on green every morning.

    -                If the student has been warned to correct their behavior multiple times they will be asked to move to yellow as a warning.  Yellow is an indicator that your child had a good day but needed reminders to do so. 

    -                If the student's behavior continues to be an issue or outright defies a rule, the student’s card will be changed to the orange card.

    -                If the student continues to not make good choices, the card will be changed to a red card.

          At the end of the day, the student will color in the box in their discipline folder for that day. If the student was on orange or red, I will sign the folder to let you know why the student had to change their card as well as have a private discussion with your child to discuss the choices they have made for the day and encourage better choices for the next day. Please make sure to read and sign their behavior folder daily.