Weekly Homework Information


    I have designated a blue folder as your child's homework folder.  It will be sent home in your child's daily binder at the beginning of each week.  It is due back to school every Friday.  Homework and reading log are checked for completion and documented in our grade book. 

    Every Week:

    • Weekly homework spelling packet
    • Math spiral review
    • Daily reading- "THE MOST IMPORTANT HOMEWORK"- whether assigned or not.  Reading to and with your child builds fluency and assists in increasing your child's reading and comprehension level. Always remember to sign reading log.

    Other activities may be included such as:

    • Math practice worksheets
    • Flashcards with spelling or sight words to be memorized
    • Special projects


    Set a regular time for your child to complete their homework, whether immediately after school, after a snack, after playtime, or after dinner — what matters most is that she establish a routine. Make sure distractions from the television and computer are kept to a minimum. Ask your child if she understands the assignment, then encourage them to work on their own and to consult you if they have any questions. When finished, review their work and point out any mistakes, but don’t supply the right answer.  Have them attempt the item a second time, but this time assist them with working out the problem.  Always place completed homework in the blue folder and return on Friday.