Mrs. Stone's Superstars - Reading and Math Intervention

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    My name is Mrs. Stone, and I am Intervention teacher here at Schertz Elementary.  This is my fifth year in this position.  Prior to being an interventionist, I was a third grade teacher at Schertz.  I have 3 boys, and 2 of them get to come to work with me every day.  I love being a Panther!


    The Online RTI World:

    Due to Covid-19, our Reading and Math Interventions have been moved online.  Our Reading Intervention Programs are Learning A-Z/Headsprout and Lexia.  Our Math Intervention Programs are Dreambox and Imagine Math.  We recommend at least 45 minutes a week on the programs.  Students can do more if they are able!  Assignments for these intervention programs have been created on google classroom.  I will be keeping track of the minutes that students are logging in each week.

    I will be available for parent/student support through dojo and email.  I will also be zooming with each grade level once a week for a phonics lesson.  My schedule is attached:

    Ms. Stone's Remote Learning Schedule


    Where can you go to find the intervention programs?

    The best place to go is to log into your classlink and find the app for Learning A-Z, Imagine Math, and Lexia.  If you are using Dreambox, you will have to log in through the link:

    Dreambox Webpage

    Instructions for logging into each program are found in the assignment on google classroom.  If you need help with your username or password, please email: 



    What is Response to Intervention?

    RTI is a multi-tiered system of student support that we use to meet all students’ needs. According to the National Center on Response to Intervention, there are four essential components of RtI:

    - A school-wide, multi-level instructional and behavioral system for preventing school failure

    - Screening

    - Progress Monitoring

    - Data-based decision making for instruction, movement within the multi-level system, and disability identification (in accordance with state law)


    RTI is made up of 3 tiers.  Tier 1 is classroom instruction.  If a student has a pattern of struggling in tier 1, they will move to tier 2 to receive targeted instruction and re-teach.  Usually the groups are 6-10.  If progress monitoring data shows very little or no growth, a student is moved to tier 3.  In tier 3, a student will receive remediation in a group of 3 or less for 90-120 minutes a week.  All tiers include research based strategies. 

    Progress Monitoring


    Progress monitoring is very important to see if the intervention being used is effective.  There are many different assessments we give to monitor the progress of our students.  We will put their scores in a graph to be able to calculate the student’s rate of progress.  Our goal is that each student will make high rates of growth to quickly catch up to grade level.


    Schertz Elementary Intervention Team





    The Schertz Elementary Intervention Team is made up of 4 teachers and 1 paraprofessional.  Our goal is to help struggling students reach their highest potential as learners.  We work with students in very small groups targeting specific skills to meet their needs.  Our team is passionate about inspiring students to be the best they can be!


    Response to Intervention at Schertz

    At Schertz Elementary, we follow the 4 C's of intervention:

    Collective Commitment

    All teachers collaborate on how we can meet the needs of ALL students.  Some students may visit a different teacher's room to receive small group instruction during intervention time.  This ensures that all RtI minutes are met.

    Certain Access

    We have a rotating, dedicated intervention time during the school day.  Our intervention team rotates from grade to grade to help support teachers and students.  Some students have access to interventions during this time, and some students have access to enrichment.  

    Concentrated Instruction

    During intervention time, students receive small group instruction that is targeted to their individual needs.  

    Convergent Assessment

    We use many different progress monitoring tools to assess student progress.  Our RtI team will make adjustments to a student's intervention plan based on these scores.