Mission Statement and Goals

  • Our mission is to stay active and have fun while demonstrating good sportsmanship. 


    Our goals are related to the FitnessGram testing our 3rd and 4th graders are required to take in the spring. 

    PE Goal: 

    2nd Grade - Pacer (8), Curl (5), Push Ups (6)

    3rd Grade - Pacer (10), Curl (9), Push Ups (7)

    4th Grade - Pacer (10), Curl (12), Push Ups (7)



    We do activities every day in the gym to practice these skills.  We also tell the kiddos to practice while at home.  For example, do 10 push ups during a commercial on the t.v. OR run to the corner and back.  Anything simple that takes very little time!  JUST GET MOVING!