Grading Guidelines

  • In Person Grading System

    **Online Grading Information will be posted as soon the district has finsihed updating our new policies 

     Grades are posted every 9 weeks. Students will receive 2 grades (Positive Attitude/Effort and Active Participation).  Infractions are noted in our behavior book and notes are sent home for parents and/or DOJO notifications. Number of infractions during the nine weeks determines a students grades.  

    Every student begins with an S.  At  the time of report cards we will look at students to determine if they have earned an E by following directions, coming prepared to class, and participating.  


    Kinder - 4th grade 

    E= exceptional behavior (student goes over and beyond)  

    S= good behavior (0-2 marks)

    N = needs improvement (3-4 marks)

    U = unsatisfactory behavior (5+marks and/or office referral) 

    Behavior infractions are noted by the red/orange notes sent home or DOJO notifications. Red notes count against conduct and participation grades.  

    Inappropriate shoes/clothing reminders are noted by the blue notes or DOJO notifications. Blue notes count against participation grade. We will allow students to participate if it is safe - depending on the activity planned for that day.  

    Students who receive warnings in class will be noted in our gradebook.  3 warnings will = 1 red note.  


    Safe participation is the main goal in our classroom.