Fitness Testing



    2019 Fitness Testing begins February 4th

    The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment is based not on athletic ability, but on good health. No matter what your children grow up to become, they will live happier, more productive lives if they are healthy--and physical fitness is vital to overall health. FITNESSGRAM provides accurate and reliable information about your child's level of physical fitness. The FITNESSGRAM test (and report) includes a number of different assessments because fitness has multiple components. Some kids may have good muscular fitness but need improvement on aerobic fitness. By having a complete report, you (and your child) will know more about their overall level of physical condition and how it can be improved. Reports go home with the last report card of the year. 

    At Schertz, we practice certain segments of the Fitnessgram each day. Whether it be jogging for cardio or push-ups and sit-ups for strength and muscular endurance. Incorporating these activities helps to improve your child's fitness. We encourage each student to practice at home. Even if it is just going outside to play, every little bit helps. Testing is done with all grades levels but reported to the state for 3rd and 4th grade students. 2nd graders will receive a skills report from Schertz Elementary with the last report card of the year.  3rd and 4th graders will receive a report from the State of Texas in the last report card.


     During actual test days all students must come prepared with tennis shoes and remain quiet and respectful to those students testing.  Red notes will be sent home for those students who are disruptive during testing. 



     ***Formal fitness testing (scores reported to the State of Texas) is during the month of February and typically lasts approximately 3 weeks (depending on absences, unprepared students, etc).  Please have your child wear (or bring in backpack) their tennis shoes EVERY DAY!  This will prevent delays in testing and we can get it done quickly! *** 




    We will conduct fitness testing as a "practice" beginning September 2nd for 
    2nd-4th grades.  This will give the students the chance to create goals for themselves before the required testing in February.  Please make sure students have appropriate PE attire/shoes the next couple of weeks.  We greatly appreciate it.