Medication Policy

  • Medication Policy


    The number of medications being sent to school for students to take has greatly
    increased. As a safeguard, we ask you to follow this procedure:
    1. Parent should make EVERY effort to schedule student’s medication in a manner
    that medication brought to school will be kept at a minimum.
    EXAMPLE: -Medication two (2) times daily:
    Before school and bedtime
    -Three times daily:
    Before school, after school, and bedtime
    -Four times daily:
    ONE dose at school (Noon)
    2. ALL medication must be in the Original container.
    3. A note from the Parent requesting that the student be allowed to take the medicine
    MUST accompany the properly labeled medicine.
    4. Over the counter medication will be given up to five (5) days and then picked up
    by a responsible adult. Any medication not picked up will be DISCARDED. A
    medical problem that has not improved in five (5) days needs to be evaluated by a
    5. Students should assume responsibility for coming to the clinic for their
    6. All medicines MUST be deposited with the school nurse or a person designated by
    the principal.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.