Conflict Management

  • Conflict Management For Children

          This is a great way to help your child learn a little more about two types of problems:
    Small ones children believe that they are strong enough and smart enough to handle the problems
    Big ones that adults need to help them solve.
    Examples of Small Problems That Require Conflict Management Skills
    A student is:  -making noise when you're trying to work
    -whispering during a movie
    -making a face at you
    -calling you silly names 
    (Feelings-annoyed, bothered, bugged)
    Examples of Big Problems That Require an Adult to Help
    A student is: -calling you hurtful names
    -destroying property
    -hurting or threatening to hurt you
    -telling others to not let you play
    (Feelings-frightened, bullied, anxious, nervous)
    If you have a small problem try two of the conflict choices listed below.  If that doesn't work or you have a big problem, tell an adult you trust.

    1. Go to another game
    2. Share and take turns
    3. Talk it out
    4. Walk away
    5. Ignore it
    6. Tell them to stop
    7. Apologize
    8. Make a deal
    9. Wait and cool off