School Hours



    The instructional school day begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 2:40 PM. The first bell is at 7:20 AM at which time students will be dismissed to their 1st period teacher.



    Students may enter the building at 6:50 AM.  5th graders report to the gym and sit with their homeroom teacher's class. 6th graders report to the cafeteria and sit with their 3rd period teacher's class. Any student who eats breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival. Students may not visit classrooms before 7:20 AM unless they have a pass from their teacher.

    Students are picked up by their 1st period teachers at 7:20 AM in the gym (5th grade) and in the cafeteria (6th grade).



    Students who arrive past 7:30 AM must sign in at the attendance office and receive a tardy slip to be admitted into class.



    Attendance is taken at 9:35 AM daily. Parents may sign students out at the front office. Students will be called to meet parents in the foyer of the building.

    Students are no longer allowed to check out for early dismissal after 2:00 PM. 

2023-24 Bell Schedule