6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts



    World Cultures and Geography




    Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!  It is always a goal of mine to bring out the best in each child and create engaging lessons to explore. I am looking forward to working with all of you. 


    Please make sure your child has accepted the Google Classroom invite from me in their SCUC Classlink account. All assignments will be posted there. Also, please make sure you are frequently checking your Dojo account for messages, as this is the main form of communication from me.


    If you or your child need any help, please send me a Dojo message and I will quickly respond. My working hours are 7:30-3:15 each week day. Messages sent out of those hours may need more time for a response. 


    My email is ccdavis@scuc.txed.net.

     Google Classroom Codes

    1A Honors Social Studies = cqht4to

    2A Social Studies = fhagfrv

    3A Honors Social Studies = dtmpci4

    1B Social Studies Remote = ozek33r

    2B Social Studies = 2q7olhh

    3B Social Studies Remote = a2drc53



    Social Studies

    We will use interactive notebooks for face-to-face learning for every lesson. These include helpful notes and visuals, as well as personal responses to content. Please take a look inside your child's notebook to get an understanding of how they are doing in class. 

    Remote students will show their thinking while they complete online lessons, where directed, as they progress through each one. 

    All students will have access to an ongoing digital notebook that includes summary notes for every lesson. This tool is a great way to review concepts we study in class.



    1. Respectfully participate in class discussions and group work.

    2. Keep your area clean and organized.

    3. Complete work on time.

    4. Use your time wisely to accomplish your daily goals.

    Daily Schedule

    7:30-9:05    1st Period  - Honors Social Studies (A) / Social Studies (B)

    9:07-10:27   2nd Period - Social Studies (A) / Social Studies (B)

    10:29-11:49  3rd Period - Honors Social Studies (A) /  Social Studies (B)

    11:49-12:29   Lunch

    12:31-1:51     4th Period - Conference

    1:53-2:45     Advisory