District Mission Priorities

  • Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD 2011-2014

    Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities and Goals

    Mission Statement:

    Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD provides a safe, secure and challenging learning environment, through the responsible use of all resources, to afford opportunities for all students to realize their individual potential and to become responsible and productive members of society.

    Vision: Prepare EVERY student to be a productive citizen.

    Values: Leadership, Character, Commitment, Service, Learning Priorities


    P1: High Achievement For All Students

    G1.1: 90% of all students and student accountability groups meet TAKS/STAAR passing standards.

    G1.2: 95% of all high school students and student groups meet Completion Rate standards.

    G1.3: 0% of junior high school students will drop out annually.

    G1.4: 100% of campuses and district meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for Federal Accountability.

    G1.5: 30% of students will achieve Commended Performance on TAKS Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies.

    G1.6: 91% of seniors graduate on Recommended/Distinguished plans.

    G1.7: 90% of students reading on Grade Level by the Beginning of 3rd Grade.

    G1.8: 90% of PBMAS (Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System) Indicators will be at a performance level of "0". No Indicator will be higher than "1" ("0" is best, "3" is worst).

    G1.9: 80% of secondary (7-12) students participate in extra-curricular activities.

    G1.10: 100% of K-12 campuses will have 3% or fewer students requiring tier 3 interventions.

    P2: High-performing and Engaged Workforce

    G2.1: 100% of teachers are Highly Qualified as defined by NCLB guidelines.

    G2.2: 80% of district staff will respond in top two scoring bands (strongly agree and agree) in both workforce satisfaction and workforce engagement on SCUC annual staff survey.

    G2.3: 100% of workforce will meet or exceed performance goals defined in the performance management evaluation.

    P3: Effective and Efficient District and Campus Operations

    G3.1: Achieve "Superior" rating on Schools FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas).

    G3.2: 75% of all district stakeholders (students, families and community members) will respond with overall satisfaction on surveys.

    G3.3: 100% of campus and district key processes are defined, managed and rated through EPM (Enterprise Process Management).

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