• Planner Policy

    Part of your job as a student is being responsible for maintaining your planner.



    •  All students should have a planner by the first day of school. They play a very important role in our classroom.
    • It is a tool to keep track of homework assignments.
    • It serves as a means of communication between teachers and parents/guardians.
    •  You will take your planner to every class you attend (unless otherwise directed). This includes the library, computer lab, P.E., and specials.
    • If you lose your planner, you are responsible for purchasing another one via MySchoolBucks. 





    ** At the beginning of each class meeting, you will fill in your planner with the agenda and HW (if applicable) for the day. Homework assignments will be designated with an "HW." 


    ** Planners should be signed by a parent/guardian EVERY DAY. Your advisory teacher will ensure your parent/guardian signs daily; if not, there are consequences for not meeting this requirement.  


    You are required to bring your planner to school everyday. If you make a habit of forgetting or misplacing your planner you will miss recess time and/or have a call made to your parent/guardian.


    - Teachers will make notes in planners using the following color codes:

    Black ink = Missing assignments and/or teacher communication to parent/guardian

    Red ink = Behavior Issue

    Blue ink = Positive/Exemplary behavior

    Accumulating too many red or black (for missing assignments only)  signatures during a 9-week grading period will result in consequences.